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What Happens After Play?

Let's talk about Aftercare

  • Class available in Virtual and/or In-Person

Class Description

In the afterglow of the tempestuous dance of BDSM, aftercare emerges as the sanctuary of souls, a gentle realm where whispered words and tender touches mend the invisible threads frayed by intensity. This class unveils the sacred art of aftercare, guiding hearts through the myriad ways to swaddle the psyche and flesh in solace. Here, the journey of exploration does not conclude at the scene's end but transitions into an intimate communion, where vulnerabilities are cradled, and strength is reborn. Embrace the alchemy of aftercare, where every gesture is a balm, every word a healing salve, weaving a tapestry of trust and serenity that endures beyond the echoes of ecstasy.

Contact Details


Melbourne, FL, USA

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