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While this may be great for the Christmas tree, it’s found its home as a permanent display on my tabletop all year round. Love miniatures. Don’t ever stop making these. Better quality than any other paddle keychain out there. I’ll likely be back for more. I need all the styles. Thank you!

Purchased item: 

Miniature Paddle Ornaments

Lexa Jan 23, 2023

Beautifully crafted and light but powerful! I'm going to name it Mother Superior because she makes you beg for mercy.

Purchased item: 

Bamboo Flogger - Cane

Mila Guerrero Apr 6, 2021

I am so excited that is is finally here. Let me tell y’all about the story of this little beauty... so start, this is the second one I’ve ordered. The first one was stolen off my porch. I don’t know who, or why... but someone running around out there has a really nice rabbit fur paddle. I’d love to have seen the look on their face when they opened it😂🤣 maybe they’ll like it so much they will give CyborgStudios some legitimate business as well. This shop’s customer service is top notch! Obviously they can’t refund a stolen item. It’s not their fault this happened and what they did for me was really classy. They gave me a personalized discount code, and said I could use it in any way I saw fit. For me, I chose to buy it again, because this is the item I really wanted. As I said, their customer service is top notch. They were quick to respond, and treated me like a human being, not a transaction. So now the item itself. It’s lighter than I expected, but the quality, fabulous!The rabbit’s fur is soft and supple, and slightly stingy with a light thud the other. The craftsmanship is lovely, no sharp edges, with a beautiful light finish. The handle is the right size for my hands, but folks with larger hands may want to ask about customizing the fit if possible. They also threw in, at no extra charge a stingy little mini paddle for my troubles. Nice touch! I’m so excited to try this out on a willing partner. I highly recommend this shop to everyone. Thank you all so very much! Winner! 😍

Jessica Featherstone Mar 27, 2021

After breaking this in, the only comment from my girl was "I loooooooooove it". Very well made. High quality materials. Feels very solid, and such a great choice in materials. This was worth every penny. One of the best paddles in my inventory for sure.

Purchased item: 

Rabbit Fur and Suede Paddle

James Jul 5, 2020

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