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Up in Flames

It's getting hot in here!

  • Class available in In-Person only

Class Description

In the realm of whispered desires and shadowed fantasies, fireplay illuminates a path for the brave. This arcane artistry, not for the faint of heart, beckons those yearning to dance with danger, to flirt with the primal essence of fire. Within this class, a covenant of safety and daring converge, guiding acolytes through rituals of flame upon flesh. Here, fire becomes a lover's caress, a whisper against the skin that can roar into a passionate inferno. Mastery of fire's kiss demands respect, for it is a lover that can nurture or devastate. Embark on this journey only with open heart and mind, ready to explore the delicate balance between fear and desire, pain and pleasure. Fireplay: where every flicker of flame writes poetry on the canvas of the body.

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Melbourne, FL, USA

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