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D/s with a hint of M/s

When your dynamic evolves

  • Class available in Virtual and/or In-Person

Class Description

A fusion of BDSM dynamics, blending Dominant/submissive (D/s) elements with Master/slave (M/s) characteristics, creates a rich tapestry of power exchange dynamics. The Dominant exercises authority, providing guidance and discipline while respecting the submissive's autonomy. Meanwhile, the Master assumes absolute control over the slave, who willingly relinquishes all agency. Consent, communication, and negotiated boundaries form the cornerstone, with the Dominant or Master prioritizing the well-being of their submissive or slave. Structured roles, rituals, and protocols intricately define the dynamic, reinforcing hierarchy and nurturing the profound intimacy between Dominant/Master and submissive/slave.

Contact Details


Melbourne, FL, USA

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