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Thuddy Buddy

Thuddy Buddy

SKU: #065
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Thuddy Buddy (named after by a Tik Tok follower of the shop's!!!)


This hefty toy comes approximately 13 inches long by 3 inches wide(at the tick part). Made out of a dense red oak wood, sanded smooth, and covered in a coat of Danish oil.


During testing, it was said to be "extremely thuddy with a nice stingy afterglow" from the demo bottoms and the tops said "it feels good in your hand". A wicked little pleasure for both sadists and masochists alike!


If you are wanting specific wood choices beyond this, or perhaps some other variations, please contact us either here or through our private web since we love custom orders as well!


*The items pictured are previously made and sold items, NOT the one you will be getting. Every item is custom made to your request!

***As with all of our toys, these are made only for play between consenting adults only.***

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