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Suede and Chrome Flogger

Suede and Chrome Flogger

SKU: #036
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Suede and Chrome Flogger. 
(This is for 1 flogger only!)


There are roughly 25-35 falls total 1/2""wide (these are all custom made so thickness variations change how many falls can fit into the handle!).


This beautiful piece comes in with 24inch falls. We do this because once cut we cannot add it back on, so it is better to give it to you long and let you choose from there!


The suede can be any of the colors listed and you can choose to have whatever combination is available per the choices!


*The items pictured are previously made and sold items, NOT the one you will be getting. Every item is custom made to your request!

***As with all of our toys, these are made only for play between consenting adults only.***

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