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Thin Thwacker - Wooden Paddle

Thin Thwacker - Wooden Paddle

SKU: #030
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This little paddle is light and easy to swing which means it comes with a nice sting! Made out of lightweight and sturdy oak, coated in a polyurethane, it can be ordered in:

Natural, Red Oak(dye over the wood), and Ebony(dye over the wood)


The size is approximately 14" by 2.5" by 1/2" wooden paddle, since each one is custom made sizes vary slightly.


We attach leather tie onto the handle for hanging.


This little toy makes a great wedding, bridal shower, bachelor party, or engagement gift, too!


*The items pictured are previously made and sold items, NOT the one you will be getting. Every item is custom made to your request!

***As with all of our toys, these are made only for play between consenting adults only.***

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