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Welcome to Our Shop - Cyborg Studios!

Hello from the dusty chair of Cyborg44. I have been sitting here all day cutting, sanding, staining and prepping toys. This evening I now write these words trying my best to make sure and invite each of you into the world of Cyborg Studios.

So how exactly do I do that?

For starters I am going to try and write these blogs more regularly. I won't lie, it will be a bit of a challenge for me as I already have a full time job, a wife, kids, grandkids, I help run multiple lifestyle groups with several public and private events every month, I teach classes... and through it all I run this shop.

Aside from that I am asking for your help and input. From the shop itself we get plenty of people that rate us with stars... however I would absolutely love it if you gave us your ideas and suggestions. Tell us how the toys felt, tell us what you liked about them, tell us if you think they could be improved, tell us if you have ideas for things you want us to sell!

So to keep this short...

  • I am going to be writing more often.

  • I am asking for your input.

  • I am asking for your ideas.

Your responses will make our toys and selections better for you! So please feel free to comment or message us. All we ask is you do so with politeness and respect, otherwise be honest and tell us what you are thinking.

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