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Feeling a little Scottish: The Tawse

Articles and records can date this item going back to 1884 and credit the first one being made by saddler R.Philp & Son. Around 1924 a Mr. George Dick had set up a company with his brother after leaving R.Philp & Son to start making the tawse under what would become the most well known Lochgelly saddler's stamp.

For just over 100 years this item was used for educational discipline, primarily in Scotland but also in a few English cities. In the 1980s the use of the tawse fell out of favor and what was once purchased commonly for £6 soon shot into the hundreds of pounds as collectors started purchasing them.

Examples of the tawse, made in Lochgelly. An exhibit in the Abbot House, Dunfermline. The painting is 'The Dominie Functions' (1826) by George Harvey (1806-1876)

Today however they can once again be bought for roughly £180-200 from Margaret Dick. Luckily for those with less to spend many makers around the world including yours truly make their own versions!

Make sure to pick yours up today in our shop. We have them primarily with an oak handle that comes in a natural, ebony stain, or red oak stain. The strap itself comes in the choices of natural, brown, or black. Of course as with all of our products we can do custom orders so if you want single, double or triple split thongs, not a problem. If you would like the handle made out of a special material, that is easy enough. All you have to do is message us on the website through our custom goods link.

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