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Folding Wooden Knives Are Coming!!!

Every single time we make these, we sell out! However we are currently batching out several of them in preparation of the sales event we have later this month!!!

For those of you who have seen these little treasures in the past you will know how perfectly delicious they are! Each one is hand crafted from a variety of wood types following a specific pattern we have come to think of as one of our favorites.

For simplicities sake when we first launch these back onto the website we are limiting what the wood choices will be. To start with you can choose what you get the scales(handle) and the blade made out of. You can choose either the same or different wood types for this. Frequently most will choose two different types, yet some of the woods are beautiful all on their own and can make up the whole knife!

What are going to be the wood choices?

To start off we are keeping it simple and sticking with what we know sells. For us this is a business decision but also a thought out plan. You see, we like our wooden toys too! So we want to make sure that they toys we make both look good and hold up as well as they can... of course they are not as strong as steel, but they do what you want them too!!

The types of wood to choose from are:

  • Cherry

  • Bazillian Cherry

  • Maple

  • Purple Heart

  • Birch

Does this mean no custom orders?: No!

Of course we will still take custom orders!!! We are just trying to get as much product out to our customers as fast as we can. If you have a type of wood that you would like your toys made out of simply submit a request and we will gladly discuss it with you!!!

How do you request a special order?: Click HERE

If you click the link provided above (or this one), You will be directed to our "Custom Orders" page that has a Contact Us button on it. If you fill out the form that pops up we will reply. Please give us as much information as possible when filling out the form so it makes it easier on us to answer your questions quicker!

So how long before the new toys are up for sale? This Friday they will be posted on our website!!! Of course you can go ahead and request a special order today!!!


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