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This is a brand new site devoted to the quality, adult toys created by Cyborg Studios. Ahead, in the pages of this site, you will find custom adult leather toys along with custom wood toys. This is a new site... please forgive us in advance for any typos or errors as we continue to work and build a new virtual home for our shop!

Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows

About the shop's virtual move...

In the near future this will be the home of Cyborg Studios. For almost a decade we have lived on Etsy and we have done pretty well there, however the time to grow is now. Your requests and orders have proven that you want more than the other location allows us to do. While we will absolutely keep our shop active on that platform, we will be starting to create, blog, and sell things here that are just not... right for that site. We will be making this a much more community friendly site, where the knowledge and crafts of the owner can be shared with those who wish to partake. There will be no more constantly trying to coming up with sensor words like "kwinky people". Follow us on our social media pages, subscribe to this site, and/or sign up for one of the advanced level subscriptions so you can enjoy the more fun stuff too!

We cannot wait to see where this goes!!



Melbourne, Florida

(321) 420-4565

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Man Wood Carving
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